We've developed quite a few libraries, frameworks, applications over the years, that we're making available to the developer community.

Corus: Corus is used to collectively manage processes distributed on multiple hosts. Deploy plain-vanilla Java apps and Docker containers on a large-scale without forcing yourself into a heavyweight programming model. In short: dump your app server. Ubik: A RMI-like distributed objects framework providing built-in advanced features such as client-side discovery, replicated JNDI tree, smart stubs with transparent fail-over and load-balancing. Magnet: A tool to ease the startup of plain Java apps from the command-line - rid yourself of the shell script nightmare.
Regis: A framework easing the pain of managing application configuration. Includes a code generation facility that generates classes based on your configuration tree - inject configuration into your code programmatically. Clazzy: A simple classloading framework. Resource: Provides support for absolute and relative file includes based on the "resource" abstraction.
Archie: A generic tree-like datastructure comprising an in-memory JNDI implementation. Console: A command-line interface framework. Confix: Flexible framework supporting automatic mapping of XML to objects based on predefined conventions.
Utils: Miscellaneous utilities. Vlad: A lightweight validation framework.