Corus: Dump your App Server

JVM meets DevOps: Corus allows automated distribution of server-side applications on a large scale - and without requiring conformance to a heavyweight programming model. Package your app using your lightweight application framework of choice, deploy it, and then let Corus execute and monitor multiple distributed instances of it. See the Corus in 2 Minutes section for a fast intro.


  • Scale JVM-based applications as is, without conforming to a complex programming model.
  • Centrally manage distributed JVMs on commodity hardware, using Linux-like commands, allowing for clustered deployment and process execution.
  • Rely on a robust runtime environment providing high-availability - crashed or unresponsive processes are automatically restarted.
  • Minimize deployment time, and thus downtime, through batch deployment.
  • Integrate cluster-wide process status data into monitoring infrastructure.
  • Install on OS of choice (Corus has been deployed and tested on multiple Linux/Unix distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS, Solaris, etc.).
  • Implement language-agnosting automation through REST API.


Corus provides an alternative to the monolithic application server model. Develop your app using your lightweight framework of choice, and deploy.
Corus provides an infrastructure that allows deploying and monitoring distributed application processes reliably, in a centralized manner.
Corus has been installed and tested on multiple OSes, even on Windows. Just download, install, configure, and start.
Learn more about the technical details: from development to deployment to actually managing your applications. See our guides, cookbooks, tutorials, examples, screenshots.
Yes we do have a plan. We encourage you to inquire about it and even provide us with your suggestions.
Corus is released under a dual licensing scheme, under the Apache 2.0 and GPL licenses. Client applications are completely shielded from the GPL.