Running Magnet

Command Line

The Magnet distribution comes with startup scripts to run Magnet from the command line. Under the /bin directory of the distribution you will find a 'magnet.bat' for Windows and a '' for Unix/Linux operating systems.

The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Extract the Magnet distribution in the directory of your choice.
  2. Define the environment variable MAGNET_HOME that points to the installation directory.
  3. Add the directory $MAGNET_HOME/bin to the PATH environment variable.

Online Help

You can call magnet and pass the -help (or -h) option to see a the usage information. Here is what it looks like:

Usage: magnet [vm options...] [options...] [args...]
VM Options:
    Options that affect the Java VM that will be started. The Vm options
    can be one or many of the following:
    -javahome <path>
            to define the home of the java runtime this option overrides
            the JAVA_HOME environement variable
    -client to start java with the 'client' VM
    -server to start java with the 'server' VM
            to start java with non-standard options
            to set a system property

    Options that will define the behavior of the magnet runtime on the Java
    VM is started. The magnet options can be one or more of the following:
    -help | -h
            print this message

            print the version information and exit
    -logfile | -log <file>
            use the given file to log
    -debug  print debugging information
    -info   print information that can help to diagnose
    -warn   print warning and error information
    -file | -f <file>
            use the given magnet configuration file
    -profile | -p <name>
            the name of the profile to execute in the magnet. If the profile
            is not provided, only the launchers with a default profile are

    The application arguments that can be passed to magnet at every execution.
    Each argument will be assigned to a system property of the name magnet.args.n
    where the 'n' is replaced by the number of the argument in the list. The
    additionnal system property magnet.args.* contains the entire list of arguments
    as a whole String.


    To start a server VM that will run the magnet TimeServer.xml using the test profile: 
            magnet -server -file TimeServer.xml -profile test
    To start a VM using an alternate java home:
            magnet -javahome /opt/jdk1.4 -file TimeServer.xml -profile test

    To start a VM with specific memory setting and a VM argument:
            magnet -Xms8m -Xmx256m -Dfoo=bar -f TransactionServer.xml -p prod
    To run a magnet file to which application arguments '10', '50' and '125' are passed:
            magnet -f MetricConversion.xml -p weight 10 50 125